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We can help you Move Better, Run Better and Run Faster – or help you teach others to do so. was launched from the team behind The Movement & Running School to provide an online coaching & education platform that is accessible all around the world. The online coaching is for all athletes from amateur to elite level, from kids to seniors, from absolute beginners to triathletes.

The online education courses are for fitness & health professionals looking for professional development or certification.

We can help you personally to Move Better, Run Better and Run Faster or help you teach others how to do so.

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We teach adults and children running technique to improve efficiency and reduce injuries using our unique coaching methods. Then we get you running faster!



No matter how young or old, or the level of your running experience, learning the correct technique will result in increased efficiency, lowered risk of injury and increased speed; making running even more enjoyable.



If you’ve been injured, we will help you get back to function or your sport in the quickest way possible. Importantly we work on improving your quality of movements so that you don’t get injured again.

“After 6 weeks with The Running School I am consistently running faster and stronger and I have taken a minute off my previous 5k parkrun PB! I couldn’t be happier with my experience of The Running School and feel things can only get even better from here as the team have given me the fundamental knowledge, understanding and technique to becoming the runner I have always wanted to be.”

– Jessica