About Us

MyRunningSchool.com was launched from the team behind The Movement & Running School to provide an online coaching & education platform that is accessible all around the world. The online coaching is for all athletes from amateur to elite level, from kids to seniors, from absolute beginners to triathletes. The online education is for fitness & health professionals looking for professional development or certification. We can help you personally to Move Better, Run Better and Run Faster or help you teach others how to do so.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the principle that you must be able to move efficiently to be able to move faster.

Our Story

Over the years, we have developed many protocols and methodologies to change people’s movement for both rehabilitation and performance. We wanted to offer recreational athletes and runners the same support system that we were offering elite and professional athletes

The methodology for teaching better running technique and speed was developed from working with elite athletes in different sports from studying movement patterns.

The movement re-education techniques we utilise are designed to stimulate the brain and the nervous system to change movement maps.

Where it all began

The idea for The Running School™ started in 1991 and was first implemented in 1994. The first speed and rehabilitation centre in the UK was established in 1999, and through its unique set-up it helped people recover from injury, surgery and optimise performance through the integration of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and performance training.

This speed and rehabilitation centre has brought in people with neurological issues such as those who have suffered strokes or those who have Cerebral Palsy as well as people with brain injury and acute trauma. It has also brought in many injured elite and professional athletes getting them back to competition after injury or surgery. Protocols have been developed in the treatment of back problems, knee injuries, post-surgery rehabilitation and a range of other sports and occupational conditions.

The methodology for teaching better running technique and speed was developed from movement re-education after injury or surgery. The movement re-education techniques to stimulate the neural system were the basis for developing the accelerated learning techniques that would be used to coach all individuals at The Running School™.

The Running School™ has worked with over 75,000 thousand people since the opening, both in the centre and in group sessions outside, and the results are always the same. Through the coaching methodology, people can be taught how to move better, how to run more efficiently and how to run faster.
The age of The Running School™ clients varies greatly ranging from 6 years of age to 88 years of age and great pride is taken in helping them achieve their goals.

We have a network of Movement & Running School partners in the UK, Germany, Austria, Norway, Spain, Japan, Dubai and the USA. We also have 60 Certified Running Technique Specialists & Master Coaches all over the world.

This provides us with valuable research information and feedback on our methodologies and protocols, allowing us to update and enhance our education programmes for recreational and elite athletes as well as kids movement and rehabilitation.

Our unique, running re-education, rehabilitation and performance protocols have been developed over a period of 30 years and are updated continuously. Our education programmes have been successful in the UK, USA, Europe and the Far East.

Our Master Coach Education Programme is a unique training programme, which aims to train Health Practitioners and Fitness Professionals to understand, re-educate and enhance movement, running and performance.
This will enable you to add new services to what you already offer or move full time into a new career.

Mike Antoniades

Mike Antoniades is the founder and Performance & Rehabilitation Director of The Movement & Running School™. Mike began coaching football in 1980 after his football career was cut short by injury. Mike has been a coach for more than 37 years and has worked in the UK, Europe and the USA. He has worked with a number of professional athletes and clubs from different sports including soccer, rugby, basketball, American football and track and field. He is a qualified UEFA A Coach, Speed Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach and Rehabilitation Specialist.

After setting up the first dedicated Speed centre in the UK, he quickly realised that rehabilitation after injury was probably the biggest requirement athletes needed. Mike was very successful in getting athletes back from injury, not only in less time, but faster and stronger. He added physiotherapy services to the centre in 2002 and the company has established a reputation across the UK as the place to go to if you have been injured or want to get faster. Through the years, Mike developed a methodology for teaching speed for sport and was asked to coach at a number of professional football and rugby clubs as well as track & field athletes.

Mike wanted to offer recreational athletes and runners the same support system that he was offering elite and professional athletes and he set up The Running School™ as the vehicle to teach people how to run and to teach them how to run faster. In 2008, he completed the first phase of the Dynamic Movement Skills methodology and The Running School™ Franchise operations were launched in 2009.

Mike runs coaching workshops courses and seminars in the UK, Europe and the USA on speed and power development, rehabilitation on injuries and the long term development of soccer athletes. He is also a guest lecturer at two universities on injury prevention and rehabilitation techniques. He has developed specific rehabilitation protocols for recovery from back problems and knee injuries or surgery.
He has worked as a coach at professional and academy level in the UK and Europe and works as a coaching consultant for professional football and rugby clubs as well as track and field athletes in the UK and in Europe.

Once we taught Ian to use his posterior chain correctly and spend less time on the ground his speed picked up immediately, breaking his 10k PB run to under 39:00 minutes and he was able to take 17 minutes off his marathon PB to run the Edinburgh marathon in 2:50.