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Running Technique Coach 
Starting June 1st!

The Running Technique Coach (RTC) course will train you how to coach running technique and provide you with the skills to coach others. We will coach you to coach.

You will learn how to coach technique, how to plan and run technique coaching sessions, what to correct and how to progress runners from beginners to intermediate level. The emphasis will be on real-time coaching and leading sessions in an outdoor setting.

This programme, which is based on tried and tested coaching methodologies, will incorporate step-by-step instructions on coaching running technique, starting with beginner runners from walking to 5k, and training sessions on how to progress your intermediate level runners.

As a qualified Running Technique Coach, you will have the opportunity of becoming a part of The Running School coaching network and have the knowledge to coach and inspire runners of all categories. You will also have the opportunity to progress your learning and expertise through further courses with The Running School. The skills you learn will help you develop and expand upon your  part-time or full-time business – while helping runners achieve their goals.

RTC Programme Features & Benefits

 What you will Learn

  • Running Technique Biomechanics
  • Running Technique Coaching – Theory
  • Running Technique Coaching – Practical
  • How to Warm-Up a Group
  • Coaching outdoor sessions – Groups & Individuals
  • Coaching Beginner Runners
  • Coaching Intermediate Runners
  • Muscle Activation
  • Mobility For Runners
  • Technique Coaching Session Plans


● Become a certified Running Technique Coach

● Be listed as a Running Technique Coach on The Running School website*

● Training manual on methodology and theory

● Technique training sessions & programmes to use with your clients

● Practical exercise handbook

● Access to video resources for learning and coaching

● Coaching log to record ongoing coaching hours

* Upon completion and verification of the required coaching hours

Certification Requirements for RTC

The course combines both theory and practical coaching sessions, where you will be coached and coach others. All coaching sessions will be outdoors. To receive your Running Technique Coach Certification you are required to complete the course and pass the practical coaching assessment and receive a pass mark on the multiple choice questionnaire. Once certified you will receive a certificate and a badge you can display online. Once you have completed your 50 coaching hours you will be listed on our website as a Running Technique Coach. Our goal is that at the end of the course every participant can competently coach running technique and know how to structure and take a session.

Course Agenda

  • Running School Philosophy and Methodology
  • Running Biomechanics
  • Running Re-education Theory
  • Running Re-education Practical
  • Coaching Practical Part 1
  • Muscle Activation
  • Coaching Practical Part 2
  • Case Studies
  • Running Sessions Breakdown
  • Mobility for Runners

What you get

  • Coaches Handbook
  • Detailed Running Sessions
  • Running Technique Coaching Drills
  • Warm-up Sessions
  • Mobility and Activation Exercise Library
  • Certificate and Certification logo/badge

You will receive a comprehensive training manual with practical session plans that you can use straight away.  You will also receive a library of videos and images of exercises.

How will you be assessed

Coach Assessment

  • Complete the Online Theory Assessment and achieve a pass mark of 75%
  • Submit a video clip of you coaching
  • Submit your Coaching Log for 50 Hours

Who is it for?

The RTC course is open to:

  • Running coaches or assistant coaches who want to learn more or who coach at their local running club
  • Personal trainers
  • Other fitness professional or fitness instructors
  • Therapists
  • Runners who have a passion for running and want to learn more or would like to start coaching

Frank Burden, Running Coach
How did you enjoy the course and what did you most learn from?
Thoroughly enjoy the course and the way it was presented. It was easy to follow with no pressure which suited my style of learning. Loved the way it was explained and backed up with the knowledge that comes with it. Agree with the method of teaching us and others.. to become a better coach, it’s all about the athlete and not you.

The course I did was full of relevant information and would not add or improve on what they currently offer. I have followed up my learnings and booked onto the Functional Biomechanics of Running which flows in nicely together, therefore I feel I’m in control of my learning and development.

Overall, I would recommend this course to a friend/colleague?
Without a doubt, anyone who is keen on running, will benefit massively.


Kelly, Yoga & Pilates Teacher
How did you enjoy the course and what did you most learn from?
I loved the course! Everything was useful. As far as running form, the big reason I signed up for the course was to figure out what to do with my heels. I also didn’t know about the range of motion of the arms, the chin to hip movement. I really really appreciated being able to email questions to you throughout the course as well, especially in the beginning when I began to work with runners and wasn’t sure what I was seeing in their running.

What other subjects would you like us to cover? What aspects of the course could be improved?
I think this is probably a perfect basic level course. Unfortunately, now I’d like to know everything ha ha and I would like to take more courses. I certainly wouldn’t have minded more information on common running injuries associated with certain things that runners do, and it sounds like that is covered more in additional courses. I do think that for anyone who is coming in as a runner looking to improve their technique or a person beginning their coaching journey, this is a great place to start.


Geena Silvia, Digital Product Owner, The IRONMAN Group
How did you enjoy the course and what did you most learn from?
This course is the most informative course I’ve taken since I’ve become a running coach. It finally connected the dots not only for what good form & technique looks like, but also how to change it. It’s personally helped me to transform my own running and I hope to do the same with future running clients.


Jose Fernandez, Osteopath
Great content. Easy to digest. Good support throughout


Bethany Willis Personal Trainer/Coach

How did you enjoy the course and what did you most learn from?
Yes I found the course really useful, enjoyable and easy to follow along with.


Hazel, Sports Therapist

Good theory clearly explained and how to translate into practice. Really enjoyed completing this course and learnt some great skills to use straight away with clients.


David Johnson, Osteopath and Sports Therapist

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Already being an Osteopath and a Strength Coach, I thought I had the basics down but boy was I wrong! The way I will approach running technique and running injuries has changed forever! Highly recommended!


Dave Troman, Running Coach (Love to Run Coaching)

Very enjoyable. The video resources were especially useful.


Allen Cuttler, PT and Running Coach, Gait Analyst

Thanks for presenting an excellent course! The content and delivery was excellent. I can’t fault anything. Look forward to the next one!


Anthony, Athlete

Very enjoyable. The web meetings were helpful in focusing on what to do.


Andrea Fuk, Sport Science student and Running Sales Advisor in Decathlon, Italy

I liked the way the course was made in terms of timing and progressions through the learning sessions. I learnt how to start teaching an efficient running technique to my athletes and I become more confident about the importance of the quality of the movements before starting the running activity


Nick Vakyris

I like the course a lot. It gave me the opportunity to learn more about running, the right form of a program and how to execute it in practice.


Paul H, Local Government Officer

I’ve really enjoyed the Course. Its taken my learning and skills up a level and re-energised my coaching. Looking forward to practicing the learning in my weekly running technique sessions. The videos are great, I found them really useful and insightful.


Daniel K

Really enjoyed the course. Was very informative and really like that it is well researched and helps dismiss a lot of myths that are around in running. Practiced all of the movements and technique cues, which I’ve noticed a big improvement in my own running. I feel a lot more confident talking to runners about running. It’s very well detailed and all of the resources are there.


Emer O’Brien Fitness, Pilates and Running Coach

I loved the fact the course content was so straightforward and concise. The detailed layout of lessons was excellent, and everything is explained in simple terms with very straightforward terminology. I love that type of teaching. I also am a big fan of positive coaching, I’ll be honest i was worried there would be too much emphasis on results and pushing people to make changes to their current running form, so i am very happy to learn it was so encouraging and positive. I learned so much.


Lynne O’Rourke

I really enjoyed the course and learning how to develop running technique. The videos were most helpful, but the manuals were also a good supporting document.


Warren R
As a club and freelance coach the section of the course I was most interested in was the interaction section and actually assessing biomechanics and the swing phases etc and how to look at changing this through drills and this section of the course was really clear and I’m looking forward to progressing to the next level and also to be doing some workshops with my clients and club athletes.


Gregor Ridley, Personal Trainer

Very enjoyable, enjoyed the gait analysis and straight forward drills associated with adjusting technique.

Wendy C

I really enjoyed structure of course and the supporting videos.



James, Coach
I enjoyed the course; it was very informative and a good refresher for my general coaching practise. The before and after videos of gait cycle was particularly useful as I am a visual person and helped me consolidate my learning – there were a number of ‘aha’ moments where some some of the subject matter really clicked. I also enjoyed practising the technique and seeing other people also recognise the benefit of focusing on some of the techniques and drills.


Sue Bennett, Advanced Nurse Practitioner
I’m still enjoying the course, there is a lot to learn and to then teach, it has fired my appetite to learn more and perhaps at a more advanced level.


Alison Pettican, Podiatrist
Highly informative. I personally wanted to understand the natural running cycle.


Julie Freeland, Physiotherapist
Thought it was very well structured. Easy to go back to videos for revision and comprehensive manual. Clear instructions and videos. Learnt most from watching videos of gait analysis and coaching technique.


Andrew Black Podiatrist
Started the course when I started running again during lockdown and found it extremely useful. My own personal times improved, and I now feel confident looking for common flaws in a clinical setting.


Jan, Soft Tissue Therapist

I really enjoyed it. Like the fact that you can do online, in your own time.


Vic Thompson, Owner, Kinetic lifestyle.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and learning more about how to coach running effectively.


Lynette, Personal Trainer
I really enjoyed the course. The technique was most important for me. Leg cycle and arm drive and how the body compensates between shoulders and feet. Feel that I am more confident in delivering a session.


Linda, Physiotherapist
Really enjoyed the course. I love teaching people new skills and so found the teaching components and tips for coaching sessions valuable. I love the new exercises for activation and can’t wait to start introducing them to my patients. I feel I have more confidence to run a coaching session and each time I assess a runner I can see new things each time… wonderfully practical course which seems strange to say when it was online!!

Starting June 1st!

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