Kids Technique Coaching

Kids love to run! But just like their parents they are not always good at running because no one has shown them how to run. If they don’t get the opportunity to be out playing 2-3 hours a day (and in a big city that is getting more and more difficult to achieve)to play games and develop their coordination and motor control and get comfortable with their own body and how it works, then their body does not learn from the experience of playing and there is a slowdown in the development of their motor skills –jumping running, skipping, coordination, stamina etc.

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The Kids Running Technique Coaching Programme is designed to help your child improve their running technique, a fundamental life skill that can be taught and improved upon to improve running efficiency, speed and reduce the risk of future injuries.

This special running programme for kids considers their growth, their co-ordination and ability. The sessions are suitable for ages 6-14 years old and of all abilities – from very sporty kids to those who are not confident in activity and sport.

We will look at your child’s running technique using video analysis, this will allow us to identify any inefficiencies that could cause injury or prevent your child from moving and running faster. The homework sessions are dedicated to learning the correct technique by using our accelerated learning methods. At the end of the programme, we will re-test to show improvements and you, the parent, will receive a before & after video of running technique improvements.

One of the things that will help children to improve most throughout the process of our programme is the old saying of “practice makes perfect”.

This could be your child if…

  • You have seen them run and believe their running seems awkward or inefficient
  • You would like your child to improve their fitness and perform better in all sports
  • Your child is falling behind their classmates in running or sport
  • They have some injuries and pains and you’d like to find out what the real cause might be
  • Your child has shown an interest in running and you’d like to help them realise their full potential in running
  • You want their running to feel easier, lighter, and more efficient

How it Works

  • You film your child running and get their technique analysed
  • Get session-by-session technique coaching instructions by video on what to change, how to change and when
    Follow a weekly running technique programme
  • Get extra videos on mobility, strength and warm-up
  • Access Anywhere! Access your technique coaching, mobility, and strength videos, as well as your technique training plan from any device, anytime.
  • Get re-analysed to see how they’ve improved with tips to improve further
  • Imagine what it would be like to run and train consistently, improve your personal best time in races without the interruption of injury.
  • Bi-weekly Skype sessions with their dedicated running technique coach

We continue to work with young and professional athletes from the Premier League and The Championship, Rugby Union, track and field, handball, basketball and lacrosse. We have been lucky to have worked with Olympians and Olympic gold medallists, World Champions and European Champions. We also work with National Soccer Federations and Olympic Associations in various countries, running courses for their staff and consulting.