Movement for Seniors

The Movement for Seniors programme is designed specifically to help older people maintain and improve their overall movement by focusing on mobility, stability and balance.

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The increase of balance, mobility and stability can also give us more confidence and independence in going about our daily activities. This methodology is based on years of research and practice in using the Dynamic Movement Skills Movement Re-Patterning Methodology in rehabilitating athletes and sports men and women of all ages who are recovering from injury and having problems with their movement.

How the Movement for Seniors Programme works…

  • Improves balance: challenges the brain and the body to move outside the centre of balance in a safe way.
  • Improves stability: trains the proprioceptive system and increases the body’s awareness of its positioning and to correct faulty movements.
  • Improves mobility: includes whole body movements that counteract flexion patterns caused by extended sitting and lack of movement
  • Improves brain function: uses cross lateral movements which increase blood flow in all parts of the brain and synaptic connections in the brain.
  • Improves quality of movement patterns: Through carefully designed movements and repetition, this programme helps participants regain full movement throughout their bodies (re-establishing movement patterns in the neuromuscular system) or simply improving and extending their existing movement patterns.

We continue to work with young and professional athletes from the Premier League and The Championship, Rugby Union, track and field, handball, basketball and lacrosse. We have been lucky to have worked with Olympians and Olympic gold medallists, World Champions and European Champions. We also work with National Soccer Federations and Olympic Associations in various countries, running courses for their staff and consulting.