The Rehabilitation Module has been developed to progress the patient or athlete through a series of movement patterns designed to correct the “transmission” time and firing sequence within the Central Nervous System to correct movement patterns and improve functional movement.

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It progresses from basic movement re-education to functional neuromotor stimulation, to dynamic movement development. Through a series of functional exercises, the movement patterns are re-educated, and the proprioceptive system is re-trained.

The movement combinations are endless and deliver important and lasting beneficial changes that will make the neuromuscular system more efficient. This programme is being implemented in sports clubs and clinics by Physiotherapists, Sport Therapists, Rehabilitation Specialists and Osteopaths. It is being used to rehabilitate and re-pattern movement for the following:

  • Movement & motor re-education after injury or surgery
  • Movement Dysfunction
  • Sensory Motor Amnesia
  • Neurological Issues – stroke patients, cerebral palsy
  • Seniors – Falls Prevention
  • Muscle Activation & Recruitment
  • Functional Movement Re-Education
  • Kids Movement Dysfunction

There are progressive rehabilitation protocols for:

  • Back
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Shoulders
  • Feet & Ankles
  • Shins and calves

This could be you if…

  • You have recently sustained a sporting injury or injury that is stopping you from returning to sport
  • You have a long-standing injury that has restricted your ability to exercise or play sport
  • You want to return to your sport fitter, faster and stronger than before
  • You want to understand how the human body recovers from injury and learn more about which training is best for returning to sport after injury
  • You would like a dedicated rehab coach to guide you along your road to recovery

How it Works

  • Send us your videos and get your walking technique analysed
  • Get session-by-session rehab coaching instructions by video on what to change, how to change and when
  • Get weekly strength coaching instructions by video
  • Have access to our extensive video library with over 500 strength exercises designed specifically to treat your injury
  • Get a custom-built strength programme by our expert coaches.
  • Get extra videos on mobility and warming-up before exercise
  • Follow day by day rehab programme programmes which we’ve tried and tested with injured athletes from amateur to Olympic level
  • Follow indoor treadmill and outdoor programmes so you can recover from your injury whatever the weather
  • Get your walking (and, when possible, your running) re-analysed to see how you’ve improved with tips to improve further
  • Receive education lessons on how the human body recovers from injury, what is the correct and incorrect training and how reduce the risk of future injury.
    Weekly Skype sessions with your coach

We are one of the leading Running Technique and Running Coaching organisations in the world. We have been analysing and coaching runners to run faster and more efficiently and assisting with rehabilitation after injury or surgery since 1994. We have worked with over 35,000 individuals.