Running Speed Coaching

Arguably the biggest myth in sport is that you can’t coach speed, teach athletes how to run faster or make considerable improvements in their multidirectional speed, quickness, agility and power.

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Speed is a skill and just like any skill it can be taught, learnt and mastered.

The Running Speed Coaching programme is for runners from 5K to marathon distance who want to improve their running speed, take their training to the next level and unlock their potential for speed. This program will combine technique sessions, running speed protocols and functional strength exercises. We will help you to develop your straight-line speed, core strength, and speed endurance. All of this will be tailored to your individual distance.

This could be you if…

  • Your times have plateaued, and you can’t seem to get any faster no matter how hard you train
  • You want to improve your personal bests
  • You want to understand how the human body improves speed and learn more about which training is best for improving speed
    You want to take your training to the next level
  • You would like a dedicated speed coach to help you improve your straight-line speed and improve your speed for all distances
  • You want your running fast to feel easier, lighter, and more efficient

How it Works

  • Decide if You Want to Run Faster
  • Send us your videos and get your technique analysed
  • Get session-by-session technique coaching instructions by video on
    what to change, how to change and when
  • Follow day by day technique running programme and speed programme which we’ve tried and tested with athletes from amateur to Olympic level
  • Follow indoor treadmill and outdoor programmes so you can improve your speed whatever the weather
  • Have access to our extensive video library with over 500 strength exercises designed specifically for runners
  • Get a custom-built strength programme by our expert coaches.
  • Get extra videos on mobility, strength and warm-up
  • Access Anywhere! Access your technique coaching, mobility, and
    strength videos, as well as your technique training
    plan from any device, anytime.
  • Get re-analysed to see how you’ve improved with
    tips to improve further
  • Receive education lessons on how the human body improves speed and what is the correct and incorrect training to improve speed safely.
  • Weekly Skype sessions with your coach

We continue to work with young and professional athletes from the Premier League and The Championship, Rugby Union, track and field, handball, basketball and lacrosse. We have been lucky to have worked with Olympians and Olympic gold medallists, World Champions and European Champions. We also work with National Soccer Federations and Olympic Associations in various countries, running courses for their staff and consulting.