Speed for Football

No matter what your starting point you can always get faster!

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Speed and quickness are skills that can be taught and not just something you were born with. By using a number of specialised acceleration and deceleration training techniques and football specific conditioning protocols, which stimulate both the muscular and the nervous system. Athletes can improve their speed, agility, acceleration and power. These techniques have been used with academy and professional football teams in the UK and Europe with great success in injury prevention and football speed development.

You will receive weekly Football Coaching sessions on:

  • Multi-Directional Quickness
  • Multi-Directional Explosiveness
  • Acceleration & Deceleration
  • Dynamic Movement Skills- Quick Feet
  • Plyometric Training
  • Passing with Speed
  • Speed of Thought
  • Functional Biomechanics
  • Training Drills from a Number of the Top European Teams

We continue to work with young and professional athletes from the Premier League and The Championship, Rugby Union, track and field, handball, basketball and lacrosse. We have been lucky to have worked with Olympians and Olympic gold medallists, World Champions and European Champions. We also work with National Soccer Federations and Olympic Associations in various countries, running courses for their staff and consulting.