Success Stories

Ian Saunders – 5 KM to Ultra-Marathon Distance Runner

Ian first came to The Running School to help improve his speed, for all distances including 5k’s up to ultra-marathons. Upon completing his Biomechanical Analysis, we were able to identify that Ian’s ground reaction time was slowing him down. Spending too long on the floor resulted in him over-striding which caused him to break a lot, which was very inefficient. Once we taught Ian to use his posterior chain correctly and spend less time on the ground his speed picked up immediately, breaking his 10k PB to run under 39:00 minutes and he was able to take 17 minutes off his marathon PB to run the Edinburgh marathon in 2:50.

“From 5kms to 100miles, running has always been something I would just do, never thinking about the mechanics of how it was done. As my goals changed to achieving time goals, I found that I began to struggle to know what levers to pull to go quicker. 300SPM cadence just isn’t a thing! I worked with The Running School to better inform my running techniques and develop skills to improve how I run and how to be more efficient. The result of this was a 17-minute marathon PB of 2:50 at Edinburgh marathon. I am now focusing on my 5 km time!”

Jessica – 5km to Marathon Runner

“After 6 weeks with the Running School I am consistently running faster and stronger and I have taken a minute off my previous 5k parkrun PB! I couldn’t be happier with my experience of the Running School and feel things can only get even better from here as The Running School have given me the fundamental knowledge, understanding and technique to becoming the runner I have always wanted to be. Teaching your body to move differently isn’t easy and it isn’t a quick fix, but patience has long been the friend of the distance runner.”

Lola – 8 years old

“Lola not only ran the Great North Run Junior race but was somehow booked onto the 4k race instead of the 1.5k (you have to be at least 9 to do the 4k and Lola is still only 8!!) but…..she didn’t stop and ran it in 28 mins, coming 360 out of 590! She is so pleased with herself and so are we! Ken, her Dad, ran around with her and said she paced herself nicely, good running style and didn’t wear herself out too quickly!”

Jen Newberry – GB Triathlete

“I knew that my running technique was nowhere near perfect but had no idea how bad it was until I saw myself on the slow-motion video. The Running School pointed out the areas we needed to work on simplistically with no over complications that so many ‘gait analysis specialists’ like to do. Within 15 minutes of being back on the treadmill with some incredibly effective coaching points my running technique had been transformed and was finally starting to look like an actual runner!

From then on, I was back on the treadmill tweaking my technique and working on my speed. The Running School also gave me detailed training plans for every week and kept up to date with all my other training, being more than happy to accommodate around my busy schedule.

Every session with The Running School was a pleasure and I learnt more and more every time I went. The team treat every person like a true individual and I was blown away by the knowledge and skill delivered to every person who came through the door. The ability for the team to cater to each person’s individual needs, no matter what their end goal was second to none. This also creates a great atmosphere and environment to work and strive in and I was always made to feel welcome and at ease by everyone I met at the Running School.

Overall my experience working with The Running School has been exceptional. They went above and beyond anything I ever expected after I initially met him and worked tirelessly to support me and help me to achieve my goals.

Their delivery at The Running School is professional, holistic and individual to each person’s need, without ever over complicating the intervention. I would recommend The Running School to anyone, not just looking to run faster, but run injury free, move better in a team game, rehabilitation post-surgery, or for people with neurological disease. I cannot rate them highly enough.”

Wendy O’Brian

Wendy was told by doctors never to run again. She came to see the team at The Running School to see if we could get her running once more.

“I’d been regularly active until 2013 when, just after completing an Ironman race, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, a disease where my immune system attacks my joints, and I rapidly became immobile. Once my medication started to work, I was still left with fluid on my knee and fatigue but started trying to run again. I quickly realised I physically couldn’t manage it any more, the pain was too much, and my doctors told me that this was what I could expect now going forward. I remembered seeing The Running School in a running magazine and, after approaching them at an exhibition, I began coaching with them and even within the first session I felt the improvement and I was able to run without pain. I feel like my fatigue is less intrusive, especially if I can get out for a stress busting run, it feels like I’m not really ill anymore. I still have painful joints, but I kept working with The Running School and recently made it to my long-term goal of a 10k– I had expected to do this under 1hr 30 and surprised myself with just over 1 hour! It sounds cliché to say that I got my life back, but it really feels like that – I’ve got the old me back and I’ll never be able to thank them enough for that.”