Andrew – Triathlete

As a keen triathlete, I came to The Running School to really help bring my running to the next level. The sessions were immediately informative, and the team immediately picked up on a number of areas to improve my speed and efficiency.

We worked through key technique cues in a simple and progressive manner building the new technique quickly and effectively with high tempo sessions to build resilience under stress and build good habits even when tired. The sessions were great fun and challenging and I have already started seeing the benefits in my running – the before and after videos show a remarkable difference and I both look and feel faster.

I have noticed a real difference in my ability to accelerate and hold top end speed as well as finding my easy pace more comfortable on longer runs. I am really looking forward to getting into the tri the season and putting the work to the test when in peak form.”

Rich Kay

I’ve run for over 30 years, and for many years suffered from lower leg problems. I’m an ok runner for my age [half century looming], and I thought I was doing everything the right way – soft surface training, controlling my weight, focusing heavily on form and cross training/ core to address known weaknesses.

I was wrong. My first visit to The Movement and Running School was more than an eye opener – it was shocking; shocking in a good way. The first session involved being honest about previous running injuries. I told about most things but decided to leave a few out; which very quickly proved pointless – these were spotted almost immediately!

My weaknesses were identified; and importantly – they all made sense to me. During the first session I was shown how to run to prevent over striding. I actually thought I knew this – but I was wrong; again. It was quite a euphoric moment – something I know I can work with in the years ahead. I left with a detailed daily home workout designed specifically to address my weaknesses. The goal: to run efficiently, fast and importantly, to help prevent repeat injuries. I can’t wait to get to my next session!”

Simon – Recreational Runner

I was once told that there are 3 types of runners. Runners who are injured, runners who are recovering from injury and runners who are going to be injured.

That’s a pretty scary assessment of something that a lot of us love and when we are injured find missing out on running incredibly frustrating. After 6 sessions with the team at The Running School I’m now confident that I’ll be able to show that with the right instruction, and some hard work, that old saying does not have to be reality. I can now feel the benefit that my improved technique is giving me and am already feeling that most of my old running related “niggles” are disappearing from my life. My previous major issues have certainly not raised their ugly head which is great news! I have no hesitation in recommending The Running School.

Far too many people think they know how to run and when you’ve been through proper instruction you almost wince at some runners that you see on the street. They may be running without major issue now but that is not likely to continue I encourage them to get themselves a running insurance policy!”

Amy Abrahams

Having only discovered a love for running three years ago, never having been fit or sporty before, I just presumed that my running would only ever reach a certain level – i.e. one of shuffling along and making-do with how my body naturally moved.

Of course, as I ran more, I did see improvement, and ran my first marathon in November 2014, completing it in 4hr 35mins. I was delighted with this and couldn’t imagine ever getting faster than that. As just a regular recreational runner, I never really felt I was the target audience for ‘coaching’, or worthy of that kind of attention (surely I was too average a runner for that?), however, when I signed up for the 2015 London Marathon, I booked in for an assessment and a few sessions at The Running School just to see what might happen. Each session, I found The Running School helpful, supportive and kind – always offering advice in easily-digested bites so that it felt more doable to implement.

The issues with my form and technique were clearly explained, and solutions were found to find improvement – after my first session, I was more aware of my body, how I ran, and what I could do to run better. I also noticed I was using my whole body more efficiently – my arms, my glutes, my core, and not just my quads – which meant I naturally began to pick up speed. I ended up running the London Marathon in 4hr 9 mins – shaving 26 mins off my previous time – all the while enjoying the experience, as well as feeling strong and evenly paced the entire time. Just two weeks after the marathon, I ran a half-marathon at a pace far faster than my marathon pace, and now have plans to do a sub-4hr marathon as well as really bring down my half-marathon time, too.

Of course, running isn’t solely about times and pace – and the remarkable thing is that not only can I now run faster, but that this isn’t at the expense of the enjoyment – my body just seems to be running far more efficiently, and I genuinely believe those sessions with Nick have played a crucial role in this dramatic improvement. I couldn’t be happier with what I’ve learnt at The Running School, and would recommend it to anyone, regardless of their level. If you enjoy running and want to run well (and surely that most of us, then…), it’s well worth investigating.

With thanks, Amy Abrahams”

Dave Baron – Recreational Runner

As a mature club level sportsman, (in football, cricket, tennis, squash, etc.), I have been active for many years, but I have not been a keen runner since my school days. Various sports injuries and rehabilitation from the injuries in mid-2015 have made me think more about running properly and enjoying it. I have no record of competitive running since my school days of cross-country inter-school competitions.

The Running School has given me dedicated advice and coaching to allow rehabilitation after injury and surgery. I have been made better aware of technique, poise, balance and coordination which have given me renewed confidence in my deportment and physical well-being. The second half of one’s life can be a tough challenge for sportsmen, but The Running School’s dedicated coaching has offered me a new level of physical awareness and a renewed lease of life.

So often, middle-aged sportsmen retire, put on weight, lose their confidence and may never run again. This does not have to be the case and The Running School offers coaching to ensure that one can run for as long as one is able to. Running is the most natural physical exercise; learning how to do it properly with the expert advice from the trainers has given me the confidence keep on going long into the future!”

Mitul Patel

With competitive sport having been replaced with a city job & family orientated lifestyle, I set myself a goal before my 40th birthday to make a lasting and fundamental change in my health over the course of 12 months and the first half of this goal consisted of running the London Marathon 2016 on behalf of the NSPCC.

To put into context just how much of a stretch goal this was, I’m a 6ft 4 man, weighing in excess of 120kg that couldn’t run 1 km without stopping when I signed up for the marathon!!In light of the above, a ‘cookie-cutter’ plan lifted out of a magazine or internet forum was never going to work for me. I am sure I would have just created lasting damage to my body and never even made it to the start line if I’d tried to go down this route. The thought of being ‘taught how to run’ at my age was an odd prospect (and one that I took plenty of stick for!), but over the course of 7 months The Running School totally overhauled the way I move helping me understand how important running form was in ensuring that I stayed injury free and got the most return in terms of efficiency to the effort I was putting in

My coach worked around my schedule and helped create a bespoke training plan to meet my goals, and delivered all of this in a genuinely engaged and knowledgeable manner. Having someone who is truly invested in ensuring you meet your goals was absolutely invaluable to me. In summary, I am convinced that the picture below, and the immense sense of satisfaction that comes with it, doesn’t happen without my coaches at The Running School.

If you want someone to wave a magic wand and repair years of poor technique over 1 or 2 sessions then maybe The Running School isn’t for you, but if you’re looking for a highly knowledgeable team that is going to work as hard as you are to meet your goals then I can’t recommend The Running School highly enough, they have quite literally helped change my life!”

Cathy Bunt

Before The Running School I had constant knee pain on longer runs. This is no longer the case. I run more upright now and feel stronger. I’ve noticed a big difference in my tone and leg strength too –before only my calves had definition,, now my whole leg. I can manage the odd twinges/knee discomfort by re-aligning my running. Now I have hopes of running a sub 4 hour marathon again! I would definitely not hesitate to recommend to a friend –in fact I already have.

Eleanor Engledow

I’ve become a much stronger and confident runner. Seeing the before and after videos was a real eye opener. I’ve really enjoyed the training sessions and now they’ve made me much more aware of my body when I’m out training alone. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to progress their running. I really had a great time. Thanks!

Amalas Wolfsdorf

Made a huge improvement to my running after years of “running”. I have finally learnt to do it properly and I feel like I’m moving forward a lot faster and more effortlessly. I will definitely come back to keep the technique up and improve further. I have also finally been running nearly every day again for the last few months without any pain or injury.

Matt Gosling

My running style has completely changed. My heels kick up and I stand upright engaging my abs. I now understand the link between arms and legs and can tell if I’m doing something wrong. The ITB injury is now manageable and I would recommend The Running School.

Ben S – 14 years old

Reason for using The Running School:
-Acceleration for other sports
-General quick movement

How long have you been coming to The Running School:
6 Running Technique Coaching Sessions

How have you found the sessions and your experience with us here:
Very good and useful. Beneficial for all attributes of aerobic movement. All my requirements were met!

Jacob – 12 years old

Reason for attending The Running School:
Running Style was affecting his cricket and rugby development.

How long have you been coming to The Running School:
1 Assessment session and 6 Running Technique Coaching Sessions

How have you found the sessions and your experience with us here:
Very quickly improved running form and now looks much more balanced and efficient. Worked hard between sessions on stretches and homework drills which also helped a lot. Really happy with the outcome. Highly recommended for anyone who needs to improve running efficiency.

Bridget Smith

“My 9-year-old daughter had an uneven gait and just could not run. I decided to hold on the podiatry and enlisted for a course of 6 running sessions. The improvement has been incredible -and the video evidence bears this out. We have kept coming as she loves it!

I’m not surprised -it’s a joy to sit and see all the positive feedback which benefits not just her running but her overall confidence.”


Running experience to date?

I compete in athletics at school

How has The Running School helped you?

The Running School has taught me how to run efficiently and given me an enjoyment for the sport as I improve by applying the tools that I have learnt.

Would you recommend The Running School, if so why?

Absolutely! The sessions are fun and informative.

Ossama – Rugby Player

“In the words of parent: Ossama has played rugby for Wasps FC since the age of 5 and is quite a big lad naturally moving into the forwards as the archetypal front row, both as loose-head and hooker. We decided to invest in getting him more mobile and quicker and looked at The Running School to facilitate this. The results were dramatic not only improving his efficiency of running and technique, but he shaved almost 2 seconds off his 100-metre time and now plays as captain and as centre for Wasps U16. He also plays with the London Broncos U16 RL Academy again playing in the backs. What worked well with The Running School was they tailored a programme that helped someone of the size, shape and physicality of Ossama. The secondary benefit has been his overall fitness regime which now includes regular 5km and 10km runs, something we could not envisage a few years ago. If you looking to invest in improving speed, agility or just overall fitness I would suggest you include The Running School in that discussion.”

Jen Newberry – Elite GB Triathlete

“I knew that my running technique was nowhere near perfect but had no idea how bad it was until I saw myself on the slow-motion video. The Running School pointed out the areas we needed to work on simplistically with no over complications that so many ‘gait analysis specialists’ like to do. Within 15 minutes of being back on the treadmill with some incredibly effective coaching points my running technique had been transformed and was finally starting to look like an actual runner!

From then on, I was back on the treadmill tweaking my technique and working on my speed. The Running School also gave me detailed training plans for every week and kept up to date with all my other training, being more than happy to accommodate around my busy schedule.

Every session with The Running School was a pleasure and I learnt more and more every time I went. The team treat every person like a true individual and I was blown away by the knowledge and skill delivered to every person who came through the door. The ability for the team to cater to each person’s individual needs, no matter what their end goal was second to none. This also creates a great atmosphere and environment to work and strive in and I was always made to feel welcome and at ease by everyone I met at the Running School.

Overall my experience working with The Running School has been exceptional. They went above and beyond anything I ever expected after I initially met him and worked tirelessly to support me and help me to achieve my goals.

Their delivery at The Running School is professional, holistic and individual to each person’s need, without ever over complicating the intervention. I would recommend The Running School to anyone, not just looking to run faster, but run injury free, move better in a team game, rehabilitation post-surgery, or for people with neurological disease. I cannot rate them highly enough.”

Emma-Kate Lidbury – Elite Ironman Triathlete

After Emma-Kate’s first Ironman win in Mallorca:

Hi Mike,

AWESOME race today. 1st place for me! I swam and biked well and came into T2 in 1st place. In seasons past, I’ve often done this and then got overtaken on the run –but NOT today!!! WOOHOO! If I had a £ for every time today I heard you saying to me “Cycle the legs, right arm, left leg” I’d be able to retire tonight and wouldn’t need to work again. This is a fabulous start to my 70.3 season, it’s my first Ironman win and a HUGE boost to my confidence. I’ve never got off the bike before with the amount of confidence I had today going onto the run course and there’s one reason for the: RUNNING SCHOOL!

Huge huge thanks to you & all the team for your help. And we’ve only just started. Looking forward to seeing you soon

Emma-Kate’s Video Testimonial

Frankie Lucas

How did you hear about The Running School? The person I see for sports massage recommended the Running School on the basis that he treats premiership and England rugby players, a few of which had come to the Running School post knee op for walking and running re-education. He thought it would work for me seeing as I felt I didn’t walk properly post-hip operations and I’d seen a lot of physios and osteopaths, none of whom had been able to crack my various issues. Running experience to date? (For example, a beginner runner/completed the London Marathon in 4hours) As an adult I’d say a beginner runner. As a teenager I used to complete for my school in cross country and I ran 10ks as part of my rowing training, but before coming to the running I hadn’t run for 4/5 years due to the pain it brought on. How has The Running School helped you? After years of bashing my body as an injury-prone international rower, when I first walked through the doors of The Running School I had residual pain in my most recently operated hip as well as in my right adductor, lower back and ribs/upper abs, all of which either stopped me from walking, running or cycling. I’ve gone from feeling constant pain in my hip and adductor when walking to being able to walk for 3 days around St Petersburg as a tourist with no problems at all. In terms of running, I’ve gone from not being able to run for a bus (because I used to get a shooting pain in my abs and hip soreness) to being able to do 45 minutes of running as a mixture of intervals and continuous running, and I’m hoping to do the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October. I’m also able to cycle without back or adductor pain, so I’m now looking to commute to work on the bike. Despite all that, the main thing it’s helped with in confidence in my body. I trust that I’m not going to tear my hip by turning quickly and I’m willing to try new things (such as dancing, yoga) without worrying that I’m going to injure myself. Would you recommend The Running School, if so why? Without a doubt, they were the first people to take a global approach to my injuries and see that my gait, movement patterns, etc. needed re-educating. They were realistic in the time frame needed to get better, honest about the work I needed to put in and mainly gave me exciting exercises to do, which I wanted to do, opposed to the usual boring physio ones I’ve had in the past. In fact, I recommended the Running School to two injured girls at my club, one with a stress fracture in her vertebrae who had to stop rowing entirely and is now able to race.

Carlo Mole

I can’t thank you enough for helping me recover from my ACL injury! When I tore my ACL just before I went out to McGill University (Canada) on a soccer scholarship, I was devastated. One surgeon even told me that I would never play again, and if I did it would only be at an amateur level. However, after spending 6 months with you guys, I feel stronger now than ever. You have guided me throughout each stage of my rehabilitation with ease, keeping me focussed and in good spirits throughout. It has been so pleasing to see myself improve week on week. I look forward to each session in the knowledge that I am getting that bit closer to a full recovery. Thanks to you, I will be able to return to Canada a stronger, faster and more confident player! I have honestly enjoyed every minute at the Running School and I’ll be strangely sad to leave. Best wishes, Carlo”

Multiple Sclerosis Patient

How has The Running School helped you? The Running School were brilliant in helping me understand how and why I was walking particularly badly and with their help (through specific exercises designed to help with re-engineering my brain when it came to walking along with balance exercises to help with my balance issues) my walking technique has improved greatly. It was amazing how quickly my walking improved in such a short space of time. Would you recommend The Running School, if so why? Absolutely, the team were very knowledgeable and passionate about helping to improve my walking.

Samantha Hulme – Chronic Pain Suffer for 20 Years

Things are going well, after my appointment the other day around my SI joint was burning like mad & I went to natural history museum & pottered round a bit not knowing what the outcome would be but it just stopped & the train journey back was OK. When I woke up day after my calves were very tight especially the left one, I had a numb sensation in an area underneath my left scapula also. The exercises are going fine, backwards walking in pool after I have done it, I can feel a bit locked in the vertebrae between my scapula`s & get a variety of neck & shoulder pain, this isn’t unusual though after I’ve been to pool. As I’ve had as much problem with my neck as I have my hip it’s just it all culminated with all the injury to my hip. When I go out walking with the longer stride & swinging my arms from the shoulder, I can really feel my left hip flexors & glutes start to ache I feel right hip flexors a bit too. When I initially try to extend my stride, it feels like I have a tight elastic band round my waist I have to really push but once I get in a rhythm its fine. Yesterday I could really feel my lower back after the walk, but I think I might have swung my arms a bit higher & I was really stiff in lower back when I got into the car. When I get up every morning, I generally feel like I’ve been hit by a truck I just feel really stiff all over but after not being able to move for 10yrs post injury I’m thinking this is to be expected. My SI pain is the same as it usually is but since my last appointment I feel a bit freer around the anterior aspect of my hip, the musculature always felt like for want of a better description an old chewed up toffee but I haven’t been reaching for the heat pack for that area also. I am really enjoying all the exercise though, walking through the wood feels fantastic as I’ve just been limping through for the last decade & I kind of feel amazed that I can walk like that & not limp! Thanks, Sam”


In Feb 2015 I suffered my 3rd anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture to my right knee whilst recovering from previous reconstruction. Unfortunately, later that summer I also rupture my posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) in my right knee as a result of a motorcycle accident.This delayed my surgery and complicated the recovery process. In late 2015 I started prehab with The Running School in preparation for my PCL surgery.

This was an invaluable stage in my recovery as it got my leg as strong as possible ahead of surgery and the subsequent wastage that follows. Following the surgery in Dec 2015 I conducted a 12 session program rebuilding strength and mobility in the joint. However, with one eye on my ACL op in June, we were also prepping the knee for another period of weakness. Post the ACL op it was immediately noticeable the benefits of my time with Running School.

The swelling and stiffness was markedly reduced from previous operations. My progress through the recovery milestones felt accelerated and I was able to move into more advanced rehab quicker then previously. This was entirely down to the work done with The Running School ahead of both operations. They have given me confidence to push the joint within a safe and structured environment so I can better know my limitations and rebuild the trust in my knee. Every stage is well explained and carefully monitored with regular checking of progress, pain, comfort and confidence. The dynamic nature of the exercises with The Running School has given me confidence that I am facilitating future injury prevention as much current recovery.

Susan Howard

My second hip replacement in 2013 one leg is shorter than the other consequently I walked with a limp even with orthotics. Walking was tiring and often painful. Pain also frequently woke me at night. I repeatedly returned to hospital for physiotherapy and to see the consultant, but they were unable help me. I had accepted that my walking would be restricted until my cousin recommended The Running School. I have had twelve sessions. I find it hard work but have persevered with practicing at home. Now walking is so much easier: virtually pain free and effortless.”]

Maggie – 82-year-old – Hip Replacement

In September 2005, following a serious illness, I decided to retire at the age of 70. I had been introduced to The Movement and Running School some time before by my son, Mike Antoniades, and had found that his exercises helped a lot the vascular pain in my legs caused by circulation problems and Varicose veins.

I then started attending sessions once a week as well as building up an hourly routine every morning at home. This became part of my life for the next 12 years until I had a very bad fall, broke my left femur in two places and had to have a hip replacement. The operation was a great success and I was visited by doctors from around the hospital to see this very fit 81-year-old who was up and walking within two days and climbing stairs within five!

However by the time I was ready to resume my rehab sessions it had become obvious that although the hip was no problem whatsoever, my vascular problems were causing me great pain and affecting my balance.

It is now 14 months since I came out of hospital and during that time Mike and his coaching team have worked so hard to get me mobile and as active as possible. This included regular sessions with strength exercises and the team taught me to walk to ensure I was moving correctly. Lots of work and exercise on balance and posture and walking with Nordic Sticks – the use of which enabled me to go on my holiday abroad, last September, instead of cancelling.

I cannot thank the team enough for all they have done for me, although I realise that I have the biggest part to play in maintaining my progress for an active life.


P.S. I am the star of the Movement for Seniors Videos!”

Michael (Physiotherapist)

‘It has changed everything for me. It has given me an understanding of the human body and how we move…lots of successes…one would be a young guy who was just terrible movement and medial knee pain and previously I would have done my normal physio and the pain would have gone but it would have come back. Now, no pain and running, moving, walking, bending, doing everything better.’

David (Physiotherapist)

‘Since taking the CRTS course, it has given my practice a completely different dimension. I can now take people from being out of pain, re-educate their movement but then teach them what they are actually capable of in their movement and unlock their human potential as an athlete and as a mover.’

Nuccia (Physical Education Teacher)

‘I’m absolutely humbled by what I have experienced and learnt…I’ve learnt so so much and I’ve applied it and I see some differences in the clients that I’ve coached and the students that have excelled from it too. The clients I have coached, I have seen improvements within 3 or 4 sessions. They feel efficient, lighter on their feet. They can feel the flowing motions much more easily. They’ve improved their running times quite drastically. It has been fantastic to see the change in them.’

Rob (Osteopath)

“I decided to attend this course having done a couple of the other courses as I thought this would give me a new way of treating and looking at people. It has given me a new way of treating all sorts of different conditions, not just working with runners. It has absolutely given me all that I need to do that and hopefully offer something new to my patients that will be incredibly effective. I have loved every minute of it, met some great people and had a fantastic time!”

‘Excellent course, well explained, really enjoyed it!’ C.N Personal Trainer

‘Absolutely fantastic! Loved the variation in both practical and theory work with lots of examples’- R.T Sports Massage Therapist

‘Very good course. Well organised, well run and very informative. Loved it.’- H.B Personal Trainer

 ‘Fantastic course – my favourite to date…lovely presenter with a clear passion for his job’ – Physiotherapist

‘Really, really enjoyed it! I found the concept so interesting and the material covered very exciting to learn about. Can’t wait to practice and try using the method with some of my patients’ A.H Physiotherapist

‘I would like to do further courses as this just feels like the start of a fantastic educational journey’ – Personal Trainer

‘Fun and informative. A good amount of theory but plenty of practical usable skills to take away’.- N.S Running Coach

‘An excellent mixture of theoretical and practical information coupled with anecdotal cases and good open discussions. Proven and detailed methodology presented in a friendly and relaxed manner’- S.T Doctor